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Dubai is an exciting place to live since a person can do things. The whole aura here is a perfect place for socialization, making it essential for people to do more activities and fun events. The summers and the winter festivals and programs differ based upon the weather conditions. A person may love going to a beach or pool party in summer, but winters are best for bonfires and BBQs. The whole cold weather makes the phenomena of these events much more lively and bright. To do a combo of these in the best way, one may have to find everything from charcoal suppliers in UAE to the best meat sources.

If you plan to organize a BBQ plus Bonfire night but do not know where to start, this guide is for you. It is how you can plan a perfect night:

  1. Make a list of your guests: The initial step of any event is to list people who would come. It is essential because all the necessary arrangements would depend upon how many people are coming in. This way, one would estimate the food and drinks and the space of the event. It is best to invite people three days before to get confirmed availability.
  1. Decide a menu: The BBQ food line is simple since it is all meat in different ways. It is one’s choice for how and what kind of meat would be served; this could include chicken, Kebabs, Beef, and even mutton. Decide on what you will cook and what sides will be done along. The menu should also include the drinks and beverages for people and the quantities accordingly.
  1. Get your items: Once you have the number of people and the menu for drinks and food, it is time to gather all the ingredients and start with the preparations. Undoubtedly, some food items would, ofcourse, be served all freshly cooked, but things like salad and greens need to be prepared beforehand. Go for a grocery hunt and get all the necessary items, including the spices, drinks, and anything for the event.
  1. Set up a bonfire: In the part of Bonfire, the arrangements become different since you need to get materials that would get a good fire and last for longer. You might need to get the best kind of wood, charcoal, regular coal, and anything else that would serve as an agent to light things up. It is best to create something protective around the fire to avoid any inconveniences.

These things must be considered while preparing for a perfect party with your family or loved ones. The culture and the significance of gathering around bonfires with loved ones, having the best food, and the most entertainment is something worth the effort. Dream wood is right at the rescue if you are looking for the best charcoal supplier in UAE who can provide you with the best items for your bonfires and BBQ. Order now and make your event much more special.


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